The construction of a spectacular Waarschip

TR36 Performance Cruiser Trimaran

Construction number 1 of the TR 36 has been sold and is currently being built.
The construction process of this spectacular Waarschip can be followed by means of the photos below.

Waarschip is currently working extra hard on the TR 36 trimaran. The results are impressive!

With its length of 11 m and width of 8.26 m, the TR36 is imposing.



The TR 36 has a rotating carbon mast, which optimizes the wing shape. The details show the highest quality. The mast is suitable for a “fathead” mainsail.

The TR 36 was launched today – 23-11-2021. The weight in the crane turned out to be 2900kg. This means that the weight is neatly within the specified weight in the construction specifications.

The new sails suit the TR36 particularly well. The fast trimaran is now ready for testing.