Flying over the water at high speeds,
safely and comfortably.

Flying over the water at high speeds,
safe and comfortable.

Waarschip Composites is the specialist in “reduction of water displacement”, whereby maintaining strength/stiffness and ensuring safety margins are paramount. Waarschip Composites – the high-tech branch of Waarschip – has been looking for designs that meet the needs of fast, comfortable, attractive design and, above all, focused on the future.

Waarschip Performance Multihulls

The TR High Performance Trimaran and the Grainger Designs’ Raku Performance Cruiser Catamaran more than meet our needs. We build these models because we are very enthusiastic about these multihulls.

The TR Trimarans and the Raku Catamarans

Waarschip is the official builder of Grainger Design multihulls and has the rights to build the fantastic TR36 Trimaran (now under construction!), the RAKU 40, RAKU 44 and the RAKU 40 LIGHT. The catamarans and trimarans are fast cruiser/racers that offer a lot of living space due to their large beam.

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