Raku 44 Performance Cruiser Catamaran

The Raku 44 offers plenty of space. This makes it a real catamaran. The Raku trumps in another area: huge speed potential. The light, strong construction ensures little wet surface and the catamaran concept ensures a high sail-carrying capacity. The reversed bow (to prevent “diving”) and the sleek lines give the catamaran a beautiful, almost futuristic, appearance.

The standard layout includes a central bathroom in the hull and a second bathroom forward in the port side. A four-cabin setup is available with central bathrooms in both hulls.

There are two cockpit layouts: one with the helm station aft and one with the helm positioned against the cabin. In both cases it is a double helm.

Inboard diesels are preferable for open ocean sailing and bar crossing security, but outboard motors can be fitted if the boat is sailing primarily in protected waters. An Oceanvolt electrical system can also be installed.

Daggerboards and fixed keels
The standard design comes with daggerboards, but the cat can also be equipped with fixed keels.


LOA 13,5 m
BOA 7,16 m
B. CL-CL 2.80 m
D Daggerboards 2,20 m
D Fixed Keel 1,15 m
Displ. 6,177 T

Sail Plan

Mainsail 69.25 m2
Self Tacking Jib 30.41 m2
Code Zero 53.51 m2
MH Gennaker 92.36 m2


Sail Plan Raku 44

Raku 44 Dek Plan

– Details in design and sizing are subject to change –