Raku 48 Performance Cruiser Catamaran

Distinctive lines and great sailing dynamics of the Raku 48 put the world’s oceans at your fingertips. The catamaran offers two layout options that are particularly suitable for long stays on board. The sparkling performance makes long distances a lot shorter. The styling is sleek and very elegant.

The Raku 48 is almost entirely constructed from panels of a Foam Sandwich construction. The hull bottoms are an exception to this with the narrow strips of 35 mm to 50 mm wide. Some of the panels above the waterline are slighty curved, making the sleek design particularly attractive.

The standard layout includes a central bathroom in the hull and a second bathroom forward in the port side. The open layout offers two bathrooms, one on each side.

Daggerboards and fixed keels
The standard design comes with daggerboards, but the cat can also be equipped with fixed keels.


LOA 14.60 m
BOA 7,67 m
B. CL-CL 3.00 m
D Daggerboards 2,11 m
D Fixed Keel 1,20 m
Displ. 7.688 T

Sail Plan

Mainsail 82.63 m2
Self Tacking Jib 34.09 m2
Code Zero 72.96 m2
MH Gennaker 107.54 m2

Classic Layout

Sail Plan Raku 48

Raku 48 Open Layout

– Details in design and sizing are subject to change –